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Post  The Professor on Sun 07 Aug 2016, 15:57

Hey everyone!

Just thought I'd share this here, because it seems quite pertinent to the forum's collective interests. 

This is my blog, where I talk about television, movies, and occasionally books as well. Given my own predilection for nerd based things, the blog does tend to skew in that direction too. 

I've also got a specific Doctor Who index, as well as an index for my Doctor Who reviews (the recent Tenth Doctor ones are the best, I think); there's also a superhero TV index (all the CW DC TV shows, the Marvel shows, etc) as well as a superhero Movie index (covering the majority of the recent releases). 

(At the minute I'm doing a little bit of spring summer cleaning on the blog, so there should be a few updates over the next few days, with those indices becoming a bit more complete.)

Hope you like it!

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The Professor

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Post  Cromwell on Sun 07 Aug 2016, 16:06

Looks like a nice place The Professor! I'll be sure to check it out. Smile

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