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Post  The Professor on Thu 11 Aug 2016, 13:38

New Star Trek series! Are we all excited?

They revealed lots of exciting news last night; full round up here, but the pertinent details people will be interested in are:

  • We're focusing on a female lead, who's yet to be cast
  • She's not a Captain - this is deliberate, for a change of perspective - but rather a Lieutenant Commander "with caveats".
  • There's going to be robots and more regular aliens than is usual for a Trek series; at the minute, the prevailing theories are Andorians and Klingons.
  • It's set 10 year before the beginning of TOS, and is centred around an event referenced on TOS, but never explored before. No confirmation on what that is as of yet, but we know it's not the Romulan Wars, or the Sheliak treaty.
  • There will be a gay lead character, breaking new ground for Star Trek.

Honestly, I absolutely can't wait for this. Been looking forward to it since the first announcement, obviously, but with every new announcement about it - particularly Bryan Fuller's involvement - I've been getting more and more excited.

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Post  DalekEmperor101 on Sun 11 Sep 2016, 20:30

Star Trek Discovery looks to be amazing! So far, with all the information available, it will be a stunner of a series. It is a shame that many are complaining about ANOTHER prequel series, but lets be honest, one is needed.

The best part of this series is the news that Kirsten Beyer, the writer of the Voyager relaunch novels is on board, which hopefully means we shall see some stunning stories and arcs. if you havent read her books, I seriously suggest giving it a go! This is also good news because there are going to be tie in novels written by David Mack and many other good novel writers. 

Im kind of hoping that the reason theyve jumped back is because they are trying to keep the book series going. As some people know, Star Trek has one of the biggest Expanded Universe lines in its books, a lot of which are set after Star Trek Nemesis. Fingers crossed now we have tie in novels, CBS and Paramount are doing the smart thing and canonizing these stories. With such stories as Star Trek Destiny, the DS9 Relaunch and the new Legacy series, they are missing out if they dont.

I like the idea of a non Captain ranked Captain. Commanders of ships dont have to be the rank of Captain, like Benjamin Sisko of DS9 or Data when he commanded the Nebula class in the season six opening episode. It adds a new light to the show. Also on the idea of a gay character, its great to see the series step up and take on what the books already started. Also, small hint from Ben C Robinson, the guy working at Eaglemoss, he hinted that the Federation Fleet looked a hell of a lot different in Robert April and Pikes era than Kirks, which suggest some top notch ships, as seen in the teaser from Comic Con, where they used the unused Enterprise refit from Planet of Titans.

Altogether, it should be a fun ride and will hopefully satisfy many a fan, while angering a few others Razz

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