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Post  The Professor on Thu 11 Aug 2016, 14:27

We've had threads like this in the past, so I figured we could all share twitter accounts and whatnot if we use them. Obviously, given this is a family friendly forum, if you're quite young make sure you have all the relevant parental permissions and whatnot. 

I'll edit usernames into this post as we go along, so there's an easy list at the top for everyone.

@NerdSoupForum is the forum's official twitter account
@tweetsfromalexm is me; my twitter is home to lots of nerdy articles, and terrible jokes. Lots to love really.
@JosephStyles11 is our very own MarthaJonesFan, which has all the fun stuff you'd expect of MJF.

I have a few other people's twitters - I follow Scary, though it might be an old account - but I'll wait until you guys have commented before adding them in.

It's occurred to me, though, that I should point this out: apart from the official Nerd Soup forum twitter, none of these twitters are affiliated with Nerd Soup. Just because a member expresses a view or makes a joke, it doesn't mean that it's applicable to the rest of Nerd Soup, or that it is condoned. So that's just something worth bearing in mind; I would have hoped that this wasn't a necessary thing to add on, but it became apparent that it was.

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Post  MarthaJonesFan on Thu 11 Aug 2016, 18:03

Mine is! Feel free to follow me if you wish Very Happy

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Post  Stark-Boy on Sat 13 Aug 2016, 22:13

Follow me at @AsterProd if you'd like to :-)

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