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Post  Pendrin on Thu 03 Jan 2013, 18:24

This section is starting to look a wee bit spammy with all these 'XYZ homework help' threads popping up all over the place, with a high likelihood that they're not all gonna be used.
To make this section more efficient, it needs to work in the following way:
If you have trouble with some homework and would like some help on here, then make a thread for the specific question, making sure you give it a recognisable title, eg 'Help with integration homework', as opposed to 'Help me with my maths plz!!!!'. This means that all that all the problems and queries will be kept separately, and will be easily accessible, so that you won't have to trawl through a massive thread of maths problems to find an answer for your problem, and also you'll be able to see what questions other people have asked in the past, so that similar questions don't have to be answered more than once.

This should hopefully make things nice, neat, and spam-free cheers

Thank you Smile

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