Devil May Cry Reboot

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Devil May Cry Reboot

Post  hath57 on Sun 06 Jan 2013, 10:31

What do you think of this? I myself am laughing at the fact that... well, what are people mainly complaining about the reboot? Answer, the fact that Dante's hair has changed. lol!


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Re: Devil May Cry Reboot

Post  Th3_Crump3t on Tue 02 Apr 2013, 21:52

I totally agree. In the first devil may cry, dante's character wasn't really developed, he didn't have a set personality until dmc3. Ninja theory just need to develop the character a bit more and find a good personality that, while likeable, is different enough from that of the old dante's. In terms of the new design, I quite like it, it suits the darker, grimier atmosphere of the new game

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