Suggestion about the front page.

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Suggestion about the front page.

Post  Guest on Mon 11 Feb 2013, 22:03

Firstly, the forum is very well designed, the graphics all over are stunning: The Logo looks great, the new post icons are fab and the navigation bar at the top is ver professional looking! BUT Whenever this is an announcement on the front page, I feel all this is let down with a graphic that looks…how to say it nicely…cheap? The current one, for example, is the image of the exclusive custom from Kevin which is fab and does deserve to be on the front page. However, the way it is presented does not match with the sophistication of the rest of the forum and lets the look of the forum down. The presentation that has been built up does sometimes slip when the 'image and text' messages get put on the front. In future, could I suggest maybe a bit more thought and consideration is put into 'announcement graphics'

Thank you


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Re: Suggestion about the front page.

Post  Pendrin on Mon 11 Feb 2013, 23:31

Maybe a different font (same as the logo?) and the colours could be a little less…vibrant in keeping with the more minimalistic, pastel, hand-drawn style of the forum.
Scary if you want a code reference for the blues I used, they're in the admin panel somewhere Bounce

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