Doctor Who Adventures Comics/Magazines Review!

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Doctor Who Adventures Comics/Magazines Review!

Post  PlanetProductions123 on Tue 12 Feb 2013, 18:56

At the beginning of this fantastic who year Doctor Who Adventures Magazine hit 300 issues. Since that has occurred I will be telling you MY thoughts on it so far.
So far in every issue they include a fair amount of basic rubbish which makes kids hooked to say
"Mommy, Mommy let's by this, it may be £4.00 and it may come out EVERY Thursday but it features so much"
Correct it does but not very much of it. For Example:
A page of a Comic!
People's Creations
and rubbish things like what monster would you like to be.
Personally I don't think Doctor who's Audiences! It may be but I don't think it's good that the DWA Team think that is the case. There is ONLY ONE PAGE in the comic every week that mostly isn't inside the comic. That is the news they give you. If you know Doctor Who TV which is a very good website for to look at important daily news. They say one thing if not nothing every couple of weeks which is on the site of Doctor Who TV months before said the slightest bit in the magazine. I know it comes out weekly but still do they have to include barely anything AT ALL a week.

So in conclusion I say I'm surprised the team hasn't gone broke yet.

Thankyou for listening and comment below and check me out on YouTube! Smile

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Re: Doctor Who Adventures Comics/Magazines Review!

Post  Eye of Rassilon on Thu 24 Oct 2013, 21:08

I love reading these each month. Smile
Eye of Rassilon

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