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3d modeller needed Empty 3d modeller needed

Post  ReganMacNeilfan on Mon 22 Apr 2013, 00:50

Hello new here. Not sure where else to turn but hoping someone kind here can help. I dont have the ability or money to buy one of these 3d things to make 3d models. Hoping someone here could make em for me and i just pay he/she. here is what i want. one issue is i dont have the back view of the persons i want. Would that cause issus?

ok pics

Norman Bates
here is a full body view.

3d modeller needed 2qswk2a

i would like this outfit though.
3d modeller needed 2vayyaa

these are pants btw.

3d modeller needed 2irb31g

i sure hope someone can help me with this. :


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