Thank You IRONMAC!!!

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Thank You IRONMAC!!! Empty Thank You IRONMAC!!!

Post  Kevin's Customs on Tue 14 May 2013, 19:36

Recently my Friend IRONMAC Traded some Custom Figures that we made. I LOVE what I got... First Up is the Doctors Daughter Jenny. Which as some of you may well know is one of my Favorite supporting Doctor Who Characters. In fact back in 08 I did a photo story which was the Jenny Spinoff which I called Legacy of the Timelords...

Thank You IRONMAC!!! Jenny_10

IRONMAC's Jenny in her Tardis from Legacy of the Timelords

Thank You IRONMAC!!! Jenny_11

IronMac's Jenny and My Jack Jenny's Series 1 Companion her Brother Jack Son of 10.5 and Rose. There are Different Companions for Series 2 and 3 if you are intrested

Last but most certainly not least... Me...
Thank You IRONMAC!!! Me110

Feel Free to PM me for your custom action figure needs..
Thank You IRONMAC!!! 10_11_12
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