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Whilst posting on this forum, please abide by these rules to ensure both your experience and the experience of others is the best is can be:

Rule 1) Spamming Topics

Spamming topics with random comments that are under three words long and are not related will result in a warning. Spoilers, text speech and promoting are counted as spam. A warning will be given if rule 1 is broke. Swearing is counted as spam and result in a warning

Rule 2) Bullying

Bullying will not be allowed on NerdSoup. If bullying is seen, a 24 hour ban will be given. Name calling, swearing and insults wont be tolerated. Teasing will result in a warning. Racism, sexism and homophobia will result in a weeks ban. If you are bullying someone via Personal Message, you will be banned for 12 hours. If you have been bullied via PM, tell Phoenix or one of the admins. If you wish to report bullying to the police, you may, but NerdSoup would like to try and deal with this before it gets that far.

Rule 3) Personal Messages

Do not try and use PM’s for bullying, spamming or  promoting . This will result in a warning.

Rule 4) respect

Respect all staff and members. Treat someone as you wish to be treated. Ignoring someone in spite will not be tolerated. A warning will be given on your first offence, but to continue ignoring someone will result in a ban.

Rule 5) Alternate Accounts & Swapping Passwords

No member will be allowed more than one forum account. To disobey this rule, would result in a 24 hour ban. Never give your password away to anyone, even if they say that they are part of our team and forumotion. We will never ask for your password. 

Rule 6) Inappropriate Material 

Nudity, sexual scene in music videos or films will not be allowed. The only exceptions to this rule are swearing in clips or films, as long as the topic is named to warn someone. Anyone who breaks this rule will be banned for 24 hours

Rule 7) Reporting Abuse 

If you have been abused in anyway on the forum, if it be via PM or in a topic, Press the report button on the top of the topic

Rule 8) External affairs

DO NOT bring external affairs from another forum. To break this rule would result in a 24 hour ban.

Rule 9) Fraud

Upon registration you are required to supply your real name (only admins can see your real name, no one else). If you fail to supply a real name and in fact give a false name then this is fraud which is a criminal offense and you may be prosecuted. To break this rule, will result in a Permanent Ban, with no warning.

Rule 10) Copying NerdSoup Content

Copying any of our posts will not be tolerated. However, if you are republishing NerdSoup content onto other forums/websites in order to either bully members to prevoke arguments/feuds between this website and another then you will receive a 31 day banishment and an Official Warning. Bullying and "fire starting" is strictly prohibited, thus such cases will not be dealt with lightly.

Rule 11) Troll Attacks

It is against the rules to attack the forum with spam, trolling or anything of the sort. This rule is mainly aimed at organised troll attacks, but anyone who attacks the forum in anyway will be banned.

To attack the forum is one of the biggest rule breaks, and will result in a permanent ban. It can be dangerous when someone attacks the forum.

Note: This is a family friendly forum - please ensure all content posted is viewable by children aged 12 and under. If you are asked to remove content by a moderator, your compliance would be greatly appreciated.

We appreciate that everyone makes mistakes, so after your first offense, an unofficial warning will be given. The following offenses will then be rewarded by official warnings until your warning bar is empty, at which point your account will be permanently banned. In some cases, moderators may choose to hand out additional punishments (eg temporary bannings, chatbox bans etc.) if they deem it appropriate and to ensure the best outcome for all parties involved.

Remember: Moderators are not here to police you! Their job is to make sure your experience on NerdSoup is the best possible, so please assist them if they ask for your help.

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