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Post  BuwaroE on Mon 09 Jun 2014, 09:55

Now before you go off and start a flame war about how lego is better then Mega Bloks (In which case I can respect your opnion) let me stop you right there! That was years ago, but thanks to the success of their Halo and Call of Duty line (and Short lived World of Warcraft, and even shorter lived Starcraft) we've seen quite a change in breakage, albeit you're bound to get a figure with 2 left arms or a broken leg but they're Customer Services can get you hooked up with a replacement figure in a jiffy. Anyways ever since I laid my eyes on maybe one of the first Halo sets, I've been with MB since '09 and probably will always be with them. I'm also really excited for the new Blue Series packs, which should be hitting my shelves soon!

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