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Welcome back to NerdSoup! Empty Welcome back to NerdSoup!

Post  Umbridge on Sun 07 Aug 2016, 14:55

Welcome back to NerdSoup everybody!!

As you can see, the forum is back up and going again, and this time we have returned with excellent style! As you know, we're a forum aimed at providing a platform for a diverse community of people who enjoy a plethora of different nerdy movies, television shows, franchises, merchandise, art, science, technology, politics, world affairs, deep debates and discussions, and whatever else that takes your fancy!

Here at NerdSoup we love Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, DC, and more! If that sounds like your thing, come join us! All are welcome!

We'll be letting everyone know more info soon on the direction we plan to go with the forum. For now, we're currently working on getting the forum running again. We've recently been focusing time on getting the forum working in a practical sense and in terms of the theme and design, but we're pretty much done with that now, so our next focus is on getting the forum active again. How can you help us? Post as much as possible! Engage in conversation! Talk to people and enjoy the community! And invite people you know to join the forum and join us!

We look forward to seeing the forum grow again and going on into greater things in the future! Very Happy

Once again, welcome to the forum, and thank you for joining with us! We look forward to seeing you around the forum! cheers

Kind regards,
(NerdSoup Co-Admin and Moderator).

Kind regards,
Dolores Jane Umbridge
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