Falling Apart RPG

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Falling Apart RPG

Post  ImLokiAndIKnowIt on Sat 16 Mar 2013, 16:06

In a world of war and torture, the Ruler, Persuseius Corllious and his men (the Parasites) are taking over. There is no hope left for anyone, and not many places left to run. Persuseius convinced his people that their God has given up on them, and made it his destiny to toughen them up. Yet, all Persuseius does is cause international wars and tortures those that he disapproves of.

However, you have been given the chance to stop this by the Spirit of Good Will, Kerlacious.

You either agree to help because you can't cope with it any longer, or disagree because you are scared of the consequences/agree with Persuseius. If you agree, you are now a Battler. When you disagree, you are forever cast as a Parasite.

The choice is yours.

In a world of war and torture, you are hopeless.

But in a world of peace and equality, you can be and do anything.

Please use this profile template if you wish to take part:

Personality trait:
Brief description of appearance:
Life motto:

Please keep in mind that the year of this RPG is 3031.

Here is mine!

Name:Loa-Rane Smith
Side: Parasite
Personality trait:Evil but damaged.
Brief description of appearance:Black hair and a long black dress. Pale, black make-up. Black 6 inch high heels.
Life motto:A cheer for sweet revenge!
Other:She is deadly and clever; be careful when around her!

The first battle will commence when at least 10 people (5 on each side) have applied.

Pick wisely and good luck.


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Re: Falling Apart RPG

Post  batmandocwhosimpson on Sun 17 Mar 2013, 17:51

Name: Barry
Gender: male
Side: battler
Personality trait: childlike
Brief description of appearance: random 21st century person
Motto: move to live, stop to die
Other: has been cryogenically frozen for one thousand years. Is a clone of a person called Larry

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Re: Falling Apart RPG

Post  BeepTheMeep on Mon 08 Apr 2013, 21:18

Name: Duncan Meres(adopted the new name of General Merciless)
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Side: Parasite
Personality trait: Joined Persuseius simply because he likes causing pain to others.
Brief description of appearance: Has thin black hair, face is covered in scars
Life motto: A life is over when there's nothing worth hurting
Other: Knows Persuseius personally, 23% percent of the body count in one of the wars was caused by him.


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Re: Falling Apart RPG

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