Calling all Marvel/DC fans!

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Calling all Marvel/DC fans!

Post  Pendrin on Sun 09 Jun 2013, 13:49

Hello again,

As you're probably all aware, Marvel and DC have been growing really popular recently, and as we have quite a few Marvel/DC fans, we're looking to involve you more in the future with the new releases coming out!
We haven't got anything specific planned, but we're looking for some ideas for the forum to enable us to attract more like-minded people and help more discussion to grow in these sections. After all, the more people, the better the forum gets!
I'm talking about events, sections, the external community (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook etc.); anything YOU think could make a Marvel/DC fan's experience on here the best possible!

Sorry that this is a bit of a vague request, but fear not - Once we get some idea down, we can set to work on making them a reality and improving your forum experience.

I eagerly await your ideas!
Phoe Smile

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Re: Calling all Marvel/DC fans!

Post  TheIronLad on Mon 10 Jun 2013, 18:03

I have an idea , people should start Marvel or DC figure adventures. Maybe you could make a spoof series Scary ?

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