EC Audios - By DalekEmperor101 & ExplosiveCookie

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EC Audios - By DalekEmperor101 & ExplosiveCookie

Post  DalekEmperor101 on Tue 08 Oct 2013, 16:08

Hey guys. As you know, myself and EC make Doctor Who audio adventure. Well, we will be next year Razz

After speaking with Scary, he has allowed us to post out forum here, which is exclusively for our audios. All our updates and download links will be on there. 

For one, it is much easier for myself and EC to post updates, and it doesnt clutter up NerdSoup

If you wish to sign up, please feel free to! If not, keep checking for updates!

Link -



P.S - Dont worry Phoe, we arent stealing your members Razz

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