UPDATES: 29/10/13

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UPDATES: 29/10/13

I thought I'd better create a new thread for all these updates, rather than keep posting in that other one. So here we go. All updates for the forum's little revamp shall be posted here Very Happy

So, as you can probably see now, I've just added the finishing touches to the newly improved navigation bar. The logo has been moved into here too so we can open up a lot more space at the top of the page, making it easier for users to view content without having to scroll down for miles. I kinda got the idea from sites like Facebook and Twitter, both of which have their logos tucked away in the corner of the of the page and it's still perfectly visible, so I thought we could do the same here. To tell the truth, when we've had banners up as well, my small screen has not actually been able to see the top forum, because my page was filled with all sorts of other stuff - not good!
Some of the more observant among you may have noticed that the logo itself has been tweaked a little. This isn't meant to be anything major, I just redrew it again, so there are some differences to the original. From what I can remember, I think the gradient colour on there is slightly darker, and the glasses are now a different shape. Just thought I'd point that out in case anyone thought something looked wrong with it.
But the main part comes in the new nav bar itself. I've radically reinvented what we had going on before, with an aim to make it clearer, slicker and more stylish. The symbols I've used have been modified (all redrawn) to make their purpose clearer, and if you really can't tell what they are, I've been kind enough to write their function above or below Razz
I was aware that some of them were too vague or ambiguous, so now I hope they appear more unique and recognizable. They also feature some brighter colours, because the forum's been looking rather dingy recently, and the new hexagon motif which you should be seeing more of soon. I really love the way hexagons can join together to form unusual and interesting shapes, so this is why I incorporated it. The old squares were dull, and there was a glitch experienced by some members which caused ugly gaps to appear between them. Should the glitch occur again, this new pattern should make it a little less obvious and at the moment, it almost looks as if the hexagons overlap. In actual fact they don't - it's a trick of the eye you see! There we go - hexagons are cool!
And if I couldn't talk about the nav bar enough today, it features a brand new font which will also be rolled out onto the forum. It's not very clear on those icons, but I can tell you now I think it will really nicely with some of the minimalist themes that are being introduced into the design.

Keep an eye out for more changes to design, buttons and widgets. I can also announce that we're going to be launching a new homepage soon; stay tuned for all this and more to come! Very Happy

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UPDATES: 29/10/13 :: Comments


Post on Tue 29 Oct 2013, 19:43  Pendrin


The fixing I've been doing today has focused on getting our moderation systems up and running again. With the exception of warning bars on everyone's profile, everything is back to how it used to be.
More specifically:
• We now have moderators - please give a warm welcome to DE101 (for probably about the 3rd or 4th time now!) and EC and wish them luck in their new roles.
• New ranks have been created for Admins, Mods and Premium Members, which fit in more with the design of the forum.
• The censor list has been reinstalled following its deletion.
• The moderator sections of the forum (which most of you will not have seen) have also been recreated, meaning threads can be properly moved into the trash, and all moderation can be properly logged in the new sections and Premium Members and Staff now have their exclusive forum back!
• The reinstallation of warning bars on profiles has begun, but has been met with some difficulty. Please ignore anything of that nature on your profile for the moment, because I think most of them say that you've all been banned, which you clearly haven't. I hope to have the bars fully operational within the next few days, and I will make it clear to you all when they DO read the correct values.

On a side note - As all of our records were also deleted, I can confirm that all warning levels will be reset to 100% for all active members (banned members will stay banned and are still not welcome on the forum). It simply wouldn't be fair to patch everything up from what we could remember, because some members are bound to get left off and mistakes made all over the place. I don't think anyone was about to be banned anyway, so a reset shouldn't have much of an effect, if any.
Apologies for any inconveniences this may have caused. I know this may seem rather unfair as the vast majority of you have clean records and a select few will end up with more chances. This is honestly the fairest way we can think of solving this given the limited resources we have. I can understand anyone who thinks this is unfair, but one thing I can promise is that repeat offenders, and those who have come here solely to spam, bully, troll etc. will have the ban hammer swiftly brought down on their heads.

Whilst I'm on the topic of moderation (and I'm aware that I'm going off on a bit of tangent here), something I would like to put forward, which I think has been rather underrepresented on here in the past, is that the moderation team are only here to help you, and ensure your time on this board is as enjoyable as possible; they're not here to simply police your posts. So, if you are experiencing any problems with our service, please do not hesitate to contact one of us Smile

That's all for today folks, keep your eyes peeled for more updates coming in the next few days Very Happy

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