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Post  Stark-Boy on Sat 13 Aug 2016, 22:30

Star Wars: The Force Awakens in my eyes was amazing. Some say it was too similar to A New Hope, I can see that, but it's different enough for me to love it. 

This was definitely what the franchised needed, and now Star Wars is bigger than ever, peaking my interest higher than it has ever been before. I now collect Black Series figures and watch Star Wars Rebels as a result of this big return and the fact that it's current and there's so much to satisfy me as a fan. 

I really can't wait for Episode VIII, the cliffhanger to Episode 7 left me in tears. The sheer emotion during that scene really hit me hard. As did another scene ..... you know the one I mean, I'd rather not spoil it, even those who'd want to see it must have done by now. But hey-ho. 

Amazing time to be a Star Wars fan, I'd say I like it more than Doctor Who at the moment  Laughing Razz

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Post  Valeyard on Thu 25 Aug 2016, 21:10

The Force Awakens, despite it's similarities to A New Hope, is a fantastic film. It does everything right, it's enjoyable and it's far better than the Prequels. It has it's faults, but the fact it's the first time we've had a good Star Wars movie since Return of The Jedi in 1983 makes me overlook that.  LOL

Hopefully Episode VIII and XI will be just as good, if not, even better! Very Happy


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